Why Should I Consider Moving to Agile?

Ever hear the phrase, ”Change is the only constant?”

In an agile organization, change is embraced and is the norm. So “business as usual” is being able to adapt to change.

Can you describe your entire organization as a process? If not, then there is probably room for improvement. Improvement gains spell money saved.

On a scale of 1 to 5, with 5 being “absolutely, positively,”and 1 being “not at all,” are you satisfied with
 -   The level of teamwork within your organization?
 -   Software products meeting the requirements?
 -   Teams following a framework that allows people to change teams when required?
 -   Time to market?
 -   The quality of your end-product software?
 -   The metrics you receive that should enable you to make better forecasts and resource management decisions?

 Not all 4’s and 5’s? AgileXcellence can help.